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The importance of health in the life of every nation cannot be over emphasized. The place of technology in advancing quality health care can also not be disputed. In the dynamic nature of today’s world, life without technology is almost meaningless. Therefore, quality healthcare system cannot be achieved without quality health care equipment.

This is where Chrishcon Integrated Ventures Limited comes in. As a highly versatile company with multiple expertise, we offer Medical Equipment & Consumables Supplies services to our ever growing client base.

Our involvement in Medical Equipment and Consumables supplies is spurred by our desire to render services that will improve the quality of treatment that people receive at hospitals, clinics and health care centres across Nigeria and beyond. We are also passionate about increasing the survival chances of Nigerians from various ailments. There is no denying the fact that with quality health care equipment, doctors and other health care personnel will be much more efficient in discharging their duties.


We are service oriented. The desire to render the most outstanding services and offer the most reliable products to our clients at the most competitive prices has been our staying power.

We do not measure our success by our profit margin; we measure our success by the satisfaction level of our customers. We are committed to delivering unsurpassed customer experience. Our clients and their patients mean the world to us.

We do not only supply products to our clients, we bring out time to educate them on the uses of the different products. By so doing, we empower our clients to take informed decisions



Medical consumables are important in every hospital, clinic or health centre. In order to meet the priority health needs of the people and also ensure that people have confidence in a health facility, the hospital must pay great attention to the type of medical consumables it stocks.


In ensuring the safety, comfort and optimal health of patients in a hospital, different factors are taken into consideration. The proficiency of the medical personnel, the quality of medical equipment, and the functionality of the hospital building alone cannot guarantee maximum comfort and security for patients if the hospital furniture and fittings are not up to standard.


Our expertise in the medical field covers sales of high quality medical related products the following areas:-

  1. Consumables & General Supplies
  2. Medical Equipment
  3. Furniture & Fittings
  4. Physiotherapy


Healthcare is increasingly dependent on technology. How advanced a hospital is in its choice of medical equipment will determine the quality of health care such a hospital can offer.For healthcare personnel to accurately monitor patients’ health and also perform their functions satisfactorily from the emergency room to the operating tables, reliable, functional and modern equipment are prime necessity.


Physiotherapy is that branch of medicine which focuses on helping people who are affected by injury, illness or disability through movement and exercises. This aspect of medicine is basically about promoting mobility. In assisting people to move their body parts, several tools and equipment are needed.